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If you still have questions, please email us at

  • What is included in lawn maintenance?
    Mowing all grass areas in the yard, trimming all areas the mower did not cut, edging all walkways, and blowing grass clippings off all hard surfaces.
  • Do you bill monthly or weekly?
    We operate on a pay-per-visit service model. Under a weekly agreement, we guarantee to service your property once every 7-10 days. Our typical mowing schedule is M-F 8-5; sometimes, we will use Saturdays as a makeup day if the weather is awful that week.
  • How do I pay?
    Our secure software allows for easy online billing and account management with credit cards.
  • When does the season start/stop?
    Each year is different because of the weather, but ordinarily early April. We wrap up the mowing season around late October. At this point, we start transitioning to fall cleanups and leaf removal jobs for customers.
  • How often do you mow?
    We offer weekly and bi-weekly contracts for all customers.
  • Do you bag grass clippings?
    We do NOT bag grass clippings on any lawn service. We have dedicated mowers that will mulch up all the grass, and it will redistribute the clippings throughout the lawn for extra nutrients.
  • Do I need to prepare the lawn before each mowing visit?
    The most enormous ask is to ensure dog poop is cleaned up before your service. We provide each customer communication before each service visit to make this as easy as possible. Please remove all toys, furniture, hoses, etc., from the lawn before each visit. If excessive dog poop is observed, fees will have to be added to clean the mower and ensure it is sanitary to keep everyone safe.
  • How many inches of mulch are installed?
    We aim to install 2 "-4" of triple-blended mulch. This can vary depending on how much mulch is already installed. Going too deep with the mulch can damage the plant material, and it will only provide enough protection if it's thick enough.
  • Do you trim the shrubs and bushes?
    Yes, we trim all shrubs and plants less than 8' tall.
  • How are leaves removed from the property?
    We are professionally equipped with the best equipment. We use powerful backpack blowers and mulching kits on our mowers to blend leaves into the ground. Doing so gives the grass and soil essential nutrients that the tree leaves have. Under certain circumstances, if all leaves can't be mulched, some will have to be blown into our trailer and removed.
  • Do you trim trees on the property?
    Anything over 8' tall is considered tree work, which we do not perform. To stay compliant with our insurance and license, we must adhere to the guidelines in the policy.
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